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Welcome to Learning Resilient Futures

Welcome to Learning Resilient Futures

by Paul Szymkowiak -
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Hello and a very warm welcome from the team at Resilient Futures!

We're glad you've discovered our learning system site, and we welcome any enquiries, questions, suggestions or feedback that you have for us.

We offer a selection of professional development and organisational training courses in our SiA ACTIVE program. These courses help you develop the critical skills you need in the Strategy in Action framework, empowering you to navigate and leverage disruption.

The courses are structured to provide a balance of self-paced, self-directed learning, with varying degrees of collaborative sessions with fellow participants, moderators, facilitators or instructors. Typically collaborative sessions last 60 to 90 minutes and are facilitated online once a week at a scheduled time (they may be face-to-face where appropriate).

Courses may be part of our public program, providing a rich mix of fellow participants to share and interact with. We also offer courses targeted to specific organisations, offices, departments, group or teams.  

Again, we hope you'll enjoy your experience with us. If you would like further information or have any questions. please feel free to send us an email directly c/o learning@resilientfutures.com